Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday time

The next few months are filled with important birthdays in the Riedl household. Cooper will be 2 on January 23th and Kylie will be 4 on February 17th! Can you believe it! I certainly cannot! There are also a few other special birthdays in January but more on that as they apporach. I will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mrs. Loren over at Come in and Sit a Spell. She celebrated her birthday yesterday!

I am working on Cooper's b-day invite right now. So excited to share it all with you when it's done! Check out his "birthday card pictures" below! He wasn't too happy, so mommy and Kylie had to put on our silly hats to get him to laugh. Just in case you were wondering...he is having a "things that move" party which includes cars, trucks, and trains! Lots to do to plan for this little boy's celebration!

Take one....

Take two...



1 comment:

Rebz said...

Cute cute cute. What a handsome man he is.
And, born on the most wonderful day of the year!