Monday, January 26, 2009

While laying in bed this morning, I was going through all of the crafty things I want to accomplish. I saw this craft and thought it was super cute (and super cheap and easy). I am going to give them to the kids for V-day with some chocolates inside. They will be hung inside their rooms for little notes!!

I will be posting lots more craftiness because I am overly sick of being trapped indoors and need to get some of my "energy" out!

Oh and if you have a good recipe which includes both chocolate and raspberries, post it!!


Courtney said...

Hey Kara,
I'm glad that Cooper's birthday turned out so good. I wish we could have been there. It's a good thing we didn't come though because I was stuck in bed all weekend with strep throat.
I love the Valentine mailboxes that you made. Where did you find the tins??

Kara said...

Ya...Thanks for keeping your germs;o) The tins are in the dollar section at Target! I know...great deal;o) Kara