Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4 already?

Cooper turned 4 this past Sunday! In honor of his birthday, we had a Thomas the tank engine celebration! He had a blast and STILL thinks it is his birthday....3 days later!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The sick ward

That should be the sign that hangs outside my door. "The sick ward"! We have strep FOR EVA! It all started back in November (Thanksgiving to be precise) when this mama came down with the nastiest, more horribly painful, sore throat in the world. Yes, it was strep and yes, it is uncommon for adults to get strep. They suggested that one of my little people probably passed it on to me without knowing.

Fast forward 3 weeks when the nasty sore throat returned (however it wasn't as nasty). Once again I was diagnosed with strep and put on those absolutely horrible anti-biotics (because I was told there is NO way to get rid of strep naturally).

Fast forward approximately 12 days. AGAIN, the sore throat hit and AGAIN strep was confirmed through those ever pleasant throat scrapers. Now this time, Addy got a fever as well and was diagnosed with strep and Kylie was treated because she showed symptoms as well. Cooper was tested (although showed NO symptoms) and it was confirmed that he was our carrier! We all lined up and received our very tasty meds for 10 days....and here we are!

Well...Kylie has a fever again and her throat hurts! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We cultured her yesterday and I am waiting for the results.

My question friends is WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??!!!??? We changed toothbrushes EVERY time, threw out lip balm, washed hands, changed sheets, and I have been a cleaning freak! I am also treating with olive leaf extract, GARLIC, emergen-c, and probiotics. (I myself have had to cut back on the probiotics because I believe they are not helping the situation in actually doing their job at fighting the antibiotic). I am open to suggestions here because this just has to go! As you know, I am pregnant and really what good are these nasty antibiotics doing to my little baby? Is it possible we have an antibiotic resistant form? Can they test for that?

AHHHHHHH Help friends!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our little surprise!

Baby #4 is due July 5th!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What are your goals for 2011?

My friend Allison told me about a daily devotional a while back that you receive via email. It is called the Purpose Driven Connection and it has to be one of the best email type devotionals I have ever received. I have done this in the past...really...a lot of times actually and over time, they start to bore me. Rick Warren just does a great job at talking to ME! Love it!

Anyways, his present series is on goals. Go figure, it's the start of a new year and the start of so many goals. Last year, I set a HARD goal and actually achieved it! My goal was to loose 20 pounds. Well...I exceeded that goal and lost a total of 31 pounds last year through exercise and NOT dieting but eating the right foods. So this year, I am feeling like I need to set some more goals. Why not, I can actually achieve them, so I might as well get working on some. And what better way than to start your goals than by telling my blogger friends what I am working on.

1. Make daily time with God. Although I do try to do this, I am not as consistent as I need to be. As pastor Rick talked about in a recent devo, we need to be spiritually disciplined just as we are physically and mentally disciplined on a daily basis. Well I got the whole physical thing down and the mental thing...well that is debatable but do I REALLY have the whole spiritual thing down? Do I sit down for a quick 5 minutes and blubber off a quick prayer and check it off my list for the day? or do I REALLY spend some time with God? He is my BFF and all!

So how am I going to do this?

For starters, I am going to make my goal attainable. So to say I will be spending 1 hour a day in complete silence with God is not going to happen. To say, I will spend 20 minutes during nap time with God IN SILENCE is attainable. I am also joining a READ group with a bunch of my good friends from the area! Such a great way to hold each other accountable and work on our relationships with God!

2. Enjoy my job as a housewife. I need to embrace this role as a mom more. I have the most amazing family...the family I always wanted and am living the life I always wanted. Country living, staying home with the kids, baking bread, growing my garden...I couldn't ask for more. But some days it just gets a little....ummm...old. After getting the THIRD kid tested for strep or sweeping up the floor from a little one year old's accident with the spice cupboard. know what I mean. Just one of those days. Well, God put me here! I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to have children and look a what He gave me! THREE beautiful children and an amazing husband to care for. He will NEVER give me anything I cannot handle! So some days I just need to put on my big girl pants and embrace what God has blessed me with!

What are you goals for the year??? and how can we help each other accomplish our goals???

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I realize I haven't posted anything in a while. Between the holiday's and being struck down with strep 3 times, I haven't found time to "gather my thoughts".

Anyways, I thought I would let you know we are alive and battling another round of strep! For some reason we cannot get rid of it!!!

So for now, we will continue to eat LOTS of garlic, drink LOTS of throat coat tea, limit our sugar, and drink emergen-c like it is our day job!

Hopefully we will be back at it in the next few days so I can update you on our fantastic holiday!