Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Distraction on a snowy day

We are always looking for fun things to do on a snowy day. Today we are suppose to get 10 inches and starting at noon today we got 1 inch an hour. That being said, we are staying inside!

Here are some crafty things we did today....
1. Kylie has been BEGGING me to get out her jewelry kit she got from my aunt at Christmas. Today seemed like the day. I was surprised at how well she did being that it is for ages 5 and up. She really hnad the hand eye coordination to put those tiny beads on the fishing line.

2. I made my first batch of Rye didn't turn out as I planned, but it is still yummy. No pics of this though;o(

3. We made cinnamon sugar cookies. I had to itch to make cookies this morning and decided to revise my mom's recipe for sugar cookies by rolling them in cinnamon and sugar! They turned out AWESOME and it is really hard for me to stay away from them!

Isn't this press so cute. I got it for X-mas from my in-laws and thought it would make a cute snow flake design on the top. Not so cooked right in...oh well!

4. While these were cooking, the kids and I made some edible necklaces from a box of fruit loops I found while cleaning out the pantry this morning. Who new we could have so much fun with food.
I did forget to add that the kids now LOVE to dance to some good Bon Jovi music. I will have to get it on video because it is hilarious. Cooper pretty much head bangs and Kylie got this cute little step she does to "Living on a Prayer"...

The kids are now making forts and asking for more entertainment...this mommy is POOPED OUT so they will have to find some solo activities for the next few hours.


Hanna said...

Once again with your crafty baking self!
You are funny. My hubby likes to play Run DMC for the kids. He wants to teach them how to break dance too. They do pretty good. But basically they just roll around on the floor.
I'm ready for spring too!!! Although I went out with the kids today to plow. There is a thick layer of ice under the snow, so when it was gone I loaded the girlies into a sled and shoved them down the ice. They went pretty stinkin' fast and kept asking for mo'. It was cute. They love the snow. I hate bundling them up...

Pamela said...

that is a lot of busy for one day. sounds like fun, though!