Monday, January 26, 2009

The big day

Cooper's birthday started with a cake disaster. And, YES, it was a disaster. I shall for warn you that you should NEVER EVER EVER buy one of these silicone cake pans. Although they are pleasant to the eye, they are deceiving. My first warning should have been that it is a cake with 12 pieces...being that I was making was 24 pieces!!!

Thankfully my SIL had a train pan and offered to make the cake for me!!! What a lifesaver! Deb decorated it for me that day...I think it turned out nice.
Okay...anyways, the party went well. Cooper enjoyed himself and especially loved opening his are some pics.

Cooper loved his new excuvator...
Eating cake..

Since I totally forgot to get a pic of the is one with his Nina!

His new sweater my mom knitted him...I wish I could do that!!


Anonymous said...

Oh man I was totally wondering how those pans worked! Sorry for the disaster but glad I know not to buy one!!!! and the train turned out so cute! Glad the party was a success!

Loren said...

Oh my Heavens! I would have died! OK, maybe not died...screamed and cried(especially if i was prego!) Good recovery!