Friday, October 31, 2008

For a friend

This is a gift for my friend Jocelyn who is getting a cow tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween past...

A walk down memory lane (thanks Joce for the idea)




That was nothing..

Yesterday I talked about how it was snowing...well it didn't stop snowing!! So much so that we lost power from 3 yesterday until 10:30 this morning..YUCK! Here are some pics from this morning...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have a holly jolly Christmas...

It is snowing here in Cazenovia. Yes..I said SNOW! I am actually pretty happy about the snow because I have turned into a hermit lately and this gives me an excuse to stay indoors and start some Christmas projects.
Align Center

Also wanted to include a picture of Kylie's new hair cut! Whatcha think??

The best picture out of 100000 of them...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lazy Friday

I had no plans for today..which is a good we did what came natural...PLAYED.

We went to a friends this morning and played until lunch, napped, and then made some very yummy english muffin bread. I am not posting the recipe, as I got it from a friend who has not released the rights to it yet! But I will show you how yummy it is...

And this is what the kids did while their mother cooked..
Not really, but they looked peaceful at that moment, so I took a picture.

Kylie is a photographer in training and wanted to take a picture of mommy...she even made me pose!!
Okay that is it for now...lets pray the weekend goes as smoothly as this afternoon. Wish us luck as we will be cleanning up our "upstairs" room to get it ready for the baby! Yes I know the baby won't be here for a while, but it really needs some a window, electricity, and heat. More on that to come on Monday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wordless wonder

Baby Riedl should arrive by June 7th, 2009!

In case you were ultrasound illiterate, the first picture is a 3-D pic (kinda scary looking)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tribute to Gammpie

Today we attended the memorial service of Gammpie AKA Grandpa Lew. Gammpie died on Monday night in his sleep and today we celebrated his life. This has been a learning experience for our family. Kylie is learning the finality of death and is amazingly handling it well. Both Cooper and Kylie attended the service today in which Kylie called, "Gammpie's celebration". I got to thinking about it and it really is Gammpie's celebration.

Let me back up a bit...Gammpie is married to Gammie AKA Grandma Joyce who goes WAY back with this mama. She has been my dad's secretary for as long as I can remember and watched Kylie for the first 15 months of her life while I worked. Kylie LOVES her Gammie and Gammpie and always asks to talk with them. They have been faithful attenders at ALL family events and treat Kylie and Cooper like their own grandchildren.

Okay, back to Gammpie's celebration. Gammpie is a very simple man! He wasn't a talker and definitely wasn't the one to start a conversation. But Gammpie loved kiddos. I am telling you, when no one was looking, he was always the one playing with them. He loved church (enough to clean it once a week) and was always volunteering to help others out. Gammpie also loved Jesus and this was made apparent over the past few years to me. As I said before, he wasn't outspoken about his faith, but if you talked with him about it, you would know where he stood. That being said, today was a celebration for Gammpie. Gammpie is with Jesus now!! How awesome is that! No more vacuuming up glitter (ask and I will tell), sickness, or pain!

So Kylie definitely knew what she was talking about when she said we were going to a celebration today.

I will end with a quote I found from an unknown author, "Children sometimes speak, in their simplicity, more wisely than their elders". How true is this....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marshmallow anyone?

I guess this would be considered Part II of my awesomelywonderful birthday. Here are some pictures of my new fire pit at work. We toasted some delicious marshmallows (Cooper just ate them plain) and sat around and talked until the fire went out! HOW AWESOME!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celebrating another year Part I

I will start by saying that today is not a significant birthday for me, just one more year closer to turning 30 (well I guess 2 more Even so, my husband has done a great job at making sure I enjoy my day. Last night he took me out to dinner at Delmonicos and told me I could bring some friends along. Alas, we had a great time with Andrea and Gavin (sorry no pictures, I forgot the camera was in my purse). After are relaxing meal, we headed out to the mall to pick up Sleeping Beauty for Kylie. While there we took a tour of the Yankee candle shop being that I have been deprived of a fall smelling candle. WE LEFT WITH TWO..go figure it was buy one get one half off AND I had a 10 dollar off coupon!! YEAH FOR ME! We came home to find this...

Yes this is Kylie asleep in the hallway. My MIL thought she heard her walk around, but said she never made a peep afterwards...What a silly girl.

Today I woke up with two little people handing me cards and screaming opps I mean singing Happy Birthday Mama! We went to church and then came home for naps. When Cooper and Kylie woke up they both came and snuggled in with me!! Oh I know I will miss this so much some day. But it was the best birthday present ever! Just looking at my sleeping babies snuggled in tight with their mommy! AHHHH...

SO we are off to dinner at the MIL's house tonight. I will report on that tomorrow...but for now, I will say Happy Birthday to Me!!!

P.S. I got my coffee maker;o)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Carveless Pumpkins

Since I have been away, I thought I should spend some time with the kiddos. I found this super easy, cool craft in Parent's magazine.

All you need is:
Orange Soda or orange food coloring and water
Clear plastic soda bottle
Black construction paper

Fill your bottle with soda or water with food coloring. Cut out cute face pieces with construction paper and glue them out. Note: make sure the bottle is room temp and dry before you start gluing. is our scarey addition to the Riedl household.

Monday, October 6, 2008


So as most of you know, I went to Dallas for a MOPS convention. It was AWESOME....spending time with friends, listening to some awesome speakers, watching the Brittney Spear's mom talk about her faith, and rocking to some old and new groups. I would have to say the highlight of the trip would have to be the music. I really loved listening to all the groups and especially loved Plum. I had not heard of her before this, but I recommend you all check her out! Unfortunately, I didn't pick the right seminars to attend, but I did come away with a new found excitement or MOPS. I have a lot of ideas to share with my team... Okay now for the pictures.

This is what we saw when we first got there...not to reasurring! I will say there were no pest in our room !
Loren and Cheryl looking pretty on the trolley
And look...I met a celebrity..yes this is Mrs. Whimsy-love herself.
So glad we got to meet Nikki!!
Loren and I looking pretty in a seminar.
The three of us in front of a really cool fountain (look closely)
Loren and I in downtown Grapevine with our new buddy.
The roof in the foyer of the hotel
more foyer pics.

So I am back and my kids are definitely telling me how mad they are at me for leaving them. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...OH and I made a really cool craft with them today. I will post tomorrow on how to make a carve-less pumpkin.