Thursday, January 15, 2009

smooshy face

Here's the little smooshy face! Ain't s/he cute!!! We could use some name suggestions...


Rebz said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the little smooshy face. Kissy kissy, little smooshy face. (Sorry, I can't control it.)
Well. Name it Zorba.

Amy said...

Those 3D songrams are amazing!

Julie said...

So awesome!!
As Adam would say, s/he is "so cute, so nice".

As for names, here are a few I have heard lately and love:
Miriam ("Mi-Mi" for a nickname)
Selah (my BFF's daughters name, so pretty)

Rhys (pronounced "Reese")

Amy said...

Rhys was actually one briefly considered for Ryan, we had to have an "R" name...

Kara said...

reese is actually in the running already...glad to see I have a few more votes on that and Julie do you pronounce Selah like Say-la or See la??

Pherenike said...

My future brother and his wife have chosen Arabella or Charlie for their baby. I just saw the scan last night. Amazing!