Friday, January 23, 2009

I cannot believe he's 2!

My little monster man is 2 today! Although I did give the wrong story to my friend this morning, here is my account of what occurred that snowy day. I went to the doctor that day DESPERATE to get this baby out and he told me to wait until morning and come in to be induced. I really wanted to go on my own, but enough was enough!! Funny thing happened, I got home and went into labor around 5 in the evening. We took off to the hospital and he arrived around 12:10am! All I could say was, "he has a penis"!! (we didn't know it was a boy)....

Cooper was a very well behaved baby! We thought he had Zach's tempermant until about 6 months ago when he got the name Monster Man! We love our little crazy boy and let me tell you, he is one of the most cuddly little boys I have ever seen! If he could crawl back inside, he would!

Cooper on his first birthday

My little man this morning!!!

Oh and I want you all to wish Jocelyn a Happy Birthday today! Lets see how many comments she can get today!!! Love you Jocey!


Anonymous said...

Ah yeah! Happy birthday Cooper! What a cutie pie!
Just wanted to let you know, that your link to Joce's blog isn't working....

Rebz said...

LOL. Only a really really real BFF would make sure to have a baby on her BFF's birthday.

Hanna said...

Oooo isn't it kiind of sad when they turn two?
When Gracie (Baby #1) turned 1 I was like "Oh she isn't a baby anymore..."
When Annabelle (Baby #2) turned 2 it was "Oh she isn't a baby anymore..."
How long do you think it will take us with baby #3 to not be a baby anymore??