Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snowed/ICED in again

Gotta love CNY where we have already had bizillions of snow day's! Today it's ICE! I don't care so much about the school..but feel for my friends with school aged children...but being trapped in the house ALL THE TIME is getting old! I really shouldn't complain because the sun has been out for the last few days. SUN SUN SUN...ahhhh. I just soak it up when we are blessed with it's presence.

I'm guessing it may be like this again tomorrow and that really isn't cool because it is our first MOPS of the year. My kids (and I) are craving normalicy again and pretty excited about "playing" with our friends. Lets just pray the ice melts!!

We have already made some deliciously yummy chocolate chip muffins which are supposed to be reserved for dinner time (tonight is breakfast for dinner), but I have a feeling they will be demolished before then! Today is jammie day whats better than watching a movie with warm jammies on and warm blankets, eatting muffins, and relaxing...NOTHING! Oh and by the way..I am enjoying one of these yummy treats right now. Great recipe!

Jammie feet!!!

Opps..where's Cooper??

I also wanted to share how my invites turned out! I think they were rather cute!
So I guess that's all for today...I have made a "resolution" to try and post at least 2 times per week! We will see how that goes!

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