Saturday, February 1, 2014

Natural flu remedy!

This is more of an informative post for myself since I tend to forget all the things I do to combat things naturally!

Kylie and Cooper had the flu....  It only was bad for 1 day!  I kid you not, 1DAY!!!  Here is what I did to make life easier for them and help them recover quickly.

1.  Homeopathic flu remedy.  If you aren't lucky enough to have a homeopathy doctor near by who makes a flu remedy, FIND HER/HIM NOW!!  We gave it to Kylie every hour/Cooper every 3 while symptoms lasted and it worked well and shortening the duration of symptoms!!  Amazing.  If you don't have a doc near by, please try Oscillococcinum which can be found at your pharmacy.  I personally haven't tried it but have friends who use it and swear by it.  It is another homeopathic remedy for the flu!!  

2.  ELDERBERRY SYRUP!!!!!!!  Take 2 teaspoons every 3 hours!  A.MAZING!  If you don't want to spend a fortune on it, I make and sell it myself for $10 per pint!  It's a lot cheaper than store brand versions and is made with LOCAL RAW HONEY!!!  

3.  Zicam!  Its another homeopathic remedy which is found with the cold meds at your pharmacy.  Take it every 3 hours while symptoms last!  (It can be used for kids ages 2 and older and my kids didn't mind the taste). 

4.  For coughs:  use Similasan Cough Relief !  There is a kids and adult version but kids can actually use the adult one...just saying! It's cheap and works great! 

5.  Epsom salt bath!!!!  Mix some epsom salts with eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender oils and soak!!  It detoxes and relaxes you all at once.  As an added bonus, it helps with muscle pain.

6.  Thieves oil!  Just cover your poor sick and not so sick people with it.  Diffuse it in a small crock pot with some cinnamon sticks to get rid of any airborne viruses.  Also clean the living tar out of your house with it!!!!  You can just put it in a spray bottle and spray everyone down :)  I sell it, so let me know if you need any!  I am trying to stock up for this flu season so I have some on hand.  I went through almost an entire bottle which is pretty impressive!

7. Drink lots and lots of things.  For congestion, I have been drinking Yogi Breathe Deep.  It really relaxes and looses things up! 

8.  Oregano oil for coughs!  Put it in a nebulizer (if you have one) or just inhale directly to loose up your chest congestion.  (Thanks D)

9.  Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep!  

Thank you to all of my other natural mama friends for their input into this post!  Especially, Jocelyn Rebisz :) Now, here is to hoping you won't have to use this natural flu remedy....

Keep washing!