Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We have already established that I am crazy.


I hear you all saying, "seriously??!!" BUT, I do need to get my butt in gear.

I am already getting questions about what the kids might want for Christmas this year and I know some has already been purchased. That being said, I don't want to end up with a houseful of the same toys or items they don't need. I also have some strong opinions about how much they should actually get but that is besides the point.

Creativity has been a strength of mine in the past. You know, I am always saying, "what if you did this?" and everyone says "wow..I didn't think of that" (at least that is the way it went down in my head). This year, I am lacking some major creativity. I am at a loss as to what my kids actually need or even want for that matter. Yes, I can throw magazines in front of them and tell me what they want but only a mom knows what will be used and what will be discarded within a month.

So here is where you, my fellow blog friends, come in...

I need some creative Christmas ideas to share with the family. My kids already know that Santa only brings 2 to 3 presents and they need to think long and hard about what they might REALLY want or need. But what do I tell all the others who ask what they want?? Come on friends...help me out here!

As an incentive, I may just have to send out a loaf of bread to the winner of the best idea...your choice as to what kind ;)


Sarah Eiley said...

I am in the same pickle! The grandparents and Aunties will more than out-do themselves for christmas presents for our kids, and in general, I want to be super simple, homemade and creative with any gifts I'm giving this year. I think i'm going to try to make Ruby a waldorf-style doll this year, but haven't decided on a kit or just some supplies from joanns. And I am going to order a bunch more playsilks in different sizes and lengths to make for all of the kids on the list. wanna have a playsilk date?
I'm making homemade aromatherapy body products for the lovely ladies in my life, and two different kinds of vanilla extacts again - tahitian and mexican. I'm also making my famous "crisp" topping recipe in jars.

Esther said...

A couple ideas I've done in the past couple years:
-an "experience" gift, like going to see the Nutcracker together with a grandparent. Time spent together, plus no junk in your house.
-a magazine subscription. read it and be done. Highlights, American Girl, and Clubhouse are good ones.
Looking forward to reading the other ideas :)

Rebz said...

Tell folks that the best present they can give your kids is memories.
Camping stuff AND a camping trip
A Nutcracker doll AND a trip to see it

Hanna said...

Memberships to museums (Hem hem, Country Museum?)
And what the other people said...

Jessica said...

how about a goat for a family in the developing world.

Nicole said...

Maybe some people can go in on something all three of them can use?...a play kitchen, puppet theater with puppets, lego or train table etc...
And I like the "memory" idea too...plays, sledding trip, movie, sleepover.

Pamela said...

my in-laws do the 'experience' gifts, and my kids love it. there have been trips to the ballet, surprise dates, and museum memberships. they don't like to purchase random crap to clutter up our homes.

Corrie said...

My ideas:
-dress-up clothes. Even boys love these (at least at our house)
-blocks if you don't have them. They are awesome for imaginative play.
-a car to drive http://costumepop.com/kids-costumes/car-costumes/
-a membership to a museum
-a gift card to scholastic. That way the kids can choose books they want.
-clothes (of course)
-special bedding (make a princess bed, or sheets for a theme) or decor for their rooms.
-a tent for over their beds (one of my favorite toys as a kid and a great retreat. It is only, $18! http://www.abcdistributing.com/home/catalog/cat_item_pg.asp?G=808&P=278&Rec=1&Ntt=tent&N=35&Nao=0&R=482337-3LKYCRS2
-music lessons or a musical instrument (think guitar)
-shelves for toys (ok that is on my wishlist, not theirs)
-sugary cereal - you know the type YOU never let them eat. It would be a real treat, but it does last for awhile if you parcel it out.

Sophia said...

Scott's great-grandparents bought shoes for kids in third world countries in honor of our kids( the kids got certificates) and they thought it was pretty cool. I just got a think in the mail from Compassion- you could buy a cow!! lol

other ideas to come... :)

Sophia said...

something else I know people do is give a child a ticket for a special day to spend with them...is a movie and dinner or bowlng or whatever..might be most meaningful to Kylie since she is oldest and can understand a delayed gift best. ;p

is there a 'lego of the month' type gift? my boys would love that! lol is cooper into legos?

Corrie said...

I just saw this game, Pick and Draw. Your kids might be old enough to really like it.

Corrie said...

Here is another blog I love. It has a whole bunch of Christmas ideas that their kids love.

Fueled by Love said...

We were just talking about this and how the kids have too much stuff! My mom offered to get the kids a membership to the MOST. I think gifts that provide experiences are going to be new for us this year and some home made ones as well thanks to the inspiration of my simple mama friends :-) Sara- those are the very same things I was thinking of doing and i just bought lavender oil, so in a couple of weeks or so, I'd love to get together to do some home made gifts with whoever and let the kids play and make some of their own!