Thursday, October 7, 2010

There's a fly in my room

It was a gloomy day. The kind of day where a nap is necessary. I had already been awake for almost 8 hours and it was only noon. So I waited patiently for nap time to arrive with the idea of putting my children down and taking a quick nap myself. The numbers on the clock flashed 12:00 and it was time. Addy went down fairly easy and Cooper marched right up to his room and into bed. It couldn't have gone any smother. I then closed the curtains, turned on the fan, shut the ringer off, and found the most comfortable, warm blanket to snuggle up with. I laid down, shut my eyes and slowly drifted off.

Approximately 10 seconds later I heard the pitter patter of little feet and then a toy firetruck loudly honking it's horn.

Deep breaths, deep breaths...

After calmly threatening no TV for eternity putting Cooper back in bed, I laid back down. Again, my eye's shut and the world was quiet.

For about 10 more seconds...

I was suddenly awakened by a quick buzzing noise in my right ear. I waved my hand without opening my eyes in hopes of scaring the pest off. But no...there is was again! This time I sat up and looked around, waiting patiently for it to land. I swung hard at it once, then twice with no success. My hope was to put some fear in that little fly. You know, the kind of fear that only an overtired mama can bring about. Again, I shut my eyes. ZAP, right up my nose! I muttered not so nice words to the gross little fly. I even told it to go down in the kitchen as I was most certain there was a pile of cheerios under the highchair or a piece of stale bread on the floor. I am sure if he looked hard enough, he may even find a rotten apple hidden under the couch. Why did I put such faith in a little fly. I believe it's goal in life was to annoy me, keep me from sleeping. I decided to ignore the pest. Fly's are attracted to motion right? I laid motionless for a few more seconds. He may have even taken a tour of the bathroom in this time because I drifted off. Then, I felt a tickle on my forehead. AHHHHHH! I swatted at it again with no success and thought to myself, "we really need a fly swatter". I had visions of slowly taking the fly's wings off and watching it suffer (not really...) as that is what it was doing to me!

I then had an idea! I would hide under a pillow! Genius! So I propped a decorative pillow over the right side of my head and slowly drifted off again.

Well that fly was smart I tell ya. It CRAWLED under the pillow and buzzed right in my ear. I violently threw that nice warm, comfortable blanket off and again said some not so nice things to the fly and surrendered.

No nap for me and go figure my kids are taking a long nap. STUPID FLY!


Hanna said...

SAME thing happens to me on a very regular basis. Pat of living in a farm house that is older than my granny.
Fly paper has become the new accessory in my home. I pretend it's art nouveau... a sculpture of sorts.

Pamela said...

at least the kids slept?
i am *so* over flies.
and we rock the fly paper, too.

Jennifer said...

flies are horrible anytime, but this time of year they are extra annoying! SUPER slow, bumping into everything, laying on their backs spinning in circles...ahhhhh and yet they still seem to get away! Our rule when we re-did the kitchen was no swatting flies on the ceiling...I'll be repainting.

Corrie said...

arg! stupid bugs

Nicole said...

Ahhhh! This is SO annoying. They too always seem to bother me at an inopportune time!
But...your story did make me chuckle.