Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The end of an era

I turned 30 today!

I swear I did. At approximately 5:56 am I hit the big three zero.

Do I feel older you ask. No, I don't! Well, not exactly. I have been stressing about the big 30 for a while now. Not the real kind of stress where you have butterfly's all the time and feel like you might tear you hair out. You know, the kind where when someone mentions it you think, "for real". So I thought about it...and thought...and thought some more and decided it's not so bad after all.

For one, I have accomplished quite a bit for being 30...got my masters, married with 3 kids, own my own home...etc. really, I'm not bragging. And overall, I love my life and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now I will say I am not looking forward to those things that come with aging...you know, gray hair (not like I have any yet or maybe just a few) , wrinkles, aches and pains, and forgetfulness. But I will embrace them as they come...seriously, I will.

I have also learned that IT ISN'T THE END! An old dog CAN learn new tricks. For one, I started running this year and have stuck with it. For those of you who know me, I hate running. I was athletic in high school that's debatable but never really did much after college. I would do the occasional Elliptical workout or take a Zumba class here and there but never really stuck with anything. When I finally looked in the mirror after having 3 kids in 4 years, I realized I needed to do something and QUICK, so I did. Anyways, I ran my first 5K this summer and am hoping to run a 10K in November! Not to mention I have lost a total of 35 pounds this year. WOW! I am in better shape than I have EVER been in at 30! Who would have thought...

So to sum it up, I would say yes, this is the end of an era but the start of a new:)


Hanna said...

You're my hero! Seriously. You rock!
After this 4th baby (in 6 years) I'm hittin' the gym! I figure, if nothing else, going to the gym will be a relief from caring for 4 kids (and a husband!)
PS-Also... you're hot.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Kara!
I remember we are the "last" ones of our high school group to turn the big 3-0...for about another month and a half, I'm still 29. So how ya doin', old lady? Hehe.
Seriously though, hope this year brings many more good things. I am in awe that you have the energy and motivation to run! SO happy for you and all your accomplishments in your 30 years.
And, post a pic of yourself and show off your new running bod!

Deborah said...

Proud of you! And since you posted the possibility of a 10K in November I just might hold you to it!

Corrie said...

Happy Birthday! I think you're right. Life does continue after 30.