Monday, March 22, 2010

"Maaaaammmmmaaaa, I'm bored"

We have had some NICE weather the past week so the kids have been FORCED to play outside.

Today, on the other hand, is not so nice...

Mommy needed a quick craft and by quick I mean it should have been done 2 hours ago. So I thought and thought and BINGO, Sock puppets!

This took all of 10 minutes to make. Just grab some old mismatched socks (notice Coopers has 'hanes" written on it) and go to town. We used some scrapes of felt and yarn. Now, craft glue doesn't dry quick enough for the kids or me so we got out the hot glue gun.

Meet "Abigail" and "Cooper" (so original)

The kids then had a little puppet show for us!! How fun. So go enjoy yourself some sock puppets today!


Nicole said...

Have you tried an inside scavenger hunt? I used to do one with the little boy I nannied for.
Just write a clue on a card, like "you use me to get your teeth clean" (answer obviously is toothbrush), and then the next clue is hidden where their toothbrushes are...etc, etc. Then the last spot has a special suprise. I usually got my suprises from the dollar store.
We played this all the time.
It gets their thinking caps on, and also wears them out a bit...I used to hide the clues so he had to keep running up and down the stairs, or even outside for a few.
If you do it, have fun!

Kara said...

Good idea Nicole!! That will have to be scheduled for later this week! By the way..Addy loved the sock puppets too...make one for Colin!

Corrie said...

Great idea

Corrie said...

Great job! It inspired me to get out the paints and have a craft day! Thanks!