Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cover that up!!

I don't know about you but nursing covers bother me. They just do! For this reason, I really only use it in certain places...the mall, church, and other populated areas. I actually never owned one until Addy came around and the only reason I got one was because it was super cheap. No matter how I hold it, Addy always finds a way to pull it off! Do you blame her? Who wants to eat under a blanket. But being that we live in a culture where nursing mama's "should" cover up (at certain times), I do cover up. Read more about "nipplephobia" here.

Anyways, I ran into a mama who makes the worlds best nursing covers. REALLY. These are awesome and I will tell you why. They are not like your typical "hooter hider" where the baby can rip it off of their head every 20 seconds. These cover you ALL THE WAY AROUND! They are poncho style and have to be more stylish than my everyday clothes.

Well, this super creative mama gave me one to try out (she gave me the one above). I figured Addy would find a way the pull this over her head but I am telling you, she cannot! The neck opening is big enough for her to reach up to my face and it is long enough so that she cannot pull it over her head. Not only is it childproof, it hides everything and I mean everything. You know how uncomfortable you can be with people staring at your "back fat" while you are nursing? Well, not with this. It covers you all the way around. There is no being discrete underneath this cover!!

Anyways, head on over to her etsy shop and take a look around. She has some super cute favorite is the swirly black and white one with the cute collar. Let me know what you think of these!!

Now, next week I will be doing a great giveaway so keep checking back!!!


Hanna said...

You had me at giveaway...

Now that I am a giveaway addict and all...

Now that it has been shown that I can win! Woo hoo! Thanks on that heads up, BTW!

Beth said...

Loved that "Nipplephobia" post.

I cover up for two reasons: 1, it covers some of my belly and back and I don't care to share that with the world... (Matt covers my breast enough, I think). And 2, I cover up because Matt gets crazily distracted. The cover helps him stay 'focused.'

Just a few thoughts.