Friday, March 5, 2010

Foto Friday...again

The little one in the house decided it may be time to push out a tooth...finally! She was not the happiest kid on the block yesterday and then this morning that silly little tooth decided to DISAPPEAR! Really...I kid you not. There is no sign of it!

And this boy decided to get pink eye. You cannot see the start of it in this pic but trust me, later on it got really really really gross and I am talking about hours later this kid couldn't open his right eye! Alas, another doctor's call and a quick fix!!

My little angel girl...she really was a good one this week ;o) well maybe not all week

Last but not least...DO YOU SEE THE SUN. Well maybe not but I swear it was out ALL DAY YESTERDAY! We are heading to the zoo today to soak up some more Vitamin D!


Nicole said...

Has anyone told you what beauties your kids are? ;)
And, doesn't the sun make the day feel so much better!

Kara said...

Oh my have NO idea! I make the kids sit at front door and say, "soak up your vitamin D". I am a nut!!