Sunday, June 21, 2009

strawberry picking

It's so nice to live in the country. We have TONS of mini strawberries growing in our back yard. The kids go out for hours and just pick and eat and eat and pick and did I mention OD on mini strawberries?? We cannot wait until the raspberries start to appear...those are much more yummy and I can actually bake with those.

Here are some cute pics taken on my new camera...wait I didn't tell you all I got a new camera??? Well...I did! It's a Canon rebel and I have absolutely NO idea how to work the thing other than taking basic pictures. I will have to sit down and read the manual one of these days.

and where was Addy you ask?? She was napping in the sling the whole time...snug as a bug!

1 comment:

Rebz said...

1. I LOVE wild strawberries.
2. I love your baby Addy in her sling.
So peaceful.