Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sorry about being a slacker

Did I say slacker?? How about crazybabywearingmamawithatwoyearoldgluedtoherleg mama? That's the theme of my life right now so sorry about not posting lately. Yes I know I totally didn't post any pics of Addy's "one month birthday" like we all tend to do with the first kid. Well, she is the third and the only reason I even got a picture of her on her "one month birthday" was because at 9:00 at night I realized what day it was.

But I digress...

and I am eating caramel macchiato ice cream right now and it is DELICIOUS!!!

and I digress again...

about the whole not posting anything in forever thing: I am getting to it! I promise! The hubby is golfing this evening so I probably won't put any pics up tonight (unless I get a moment of free hands) but maybe tomorrow or Friday or Saturday??!!

Anyways...nice chatting with you. Leave me some love and let me know you still check my blog once in a blue moon.


Pamela said...

I check you when the little box on my dashboard tells me to.

And whatever about the posting. Or not posting. Or whatever.

Do you want a sling or a pod or mei tai or what?

I will understand if you can't answer that question.

Sophia said...

still checking :)
and waiting for cute pictures of all 3 kiddos- and their parents!

so how's it going with three so far?