Wednesday, June 17, 2009

can you say crazy...

This past Saturday we made a last minute trip to Rochester to visit with some family. My cousin Jessica and her cherubs were in town for a brief minute and a "family reunion" was arranged in a matter of hours. Wasn't too sure we were going to make it with having a 2 week and all but we did. Only the Smith's can pull off a party like that in literally a matter of hours! It was great to see everyone and finally be able to meet some of the younger Gazzaniga children before they move to California.

The whole crew

some of the many cousins
Did I mention it was my grandparents 67th wedding anniversary that day...

Nina and Addy

and of course I will add an Addy pic...I love this outfit from Grandma Cindy and Aunt Robin!

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Sophia said...

have I ever mentioned that it is funny to see my brother and nephews on someone else's blog?? hahah

I bet it was crazy, just like when we Pashalidis' are together!!