Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here's the deal. I wasn't going to post about the "labor" but feel I am being pressured by the lady friends in my life.

Obviously I had to be induced and I wasn't so into this! We got to the hospital about 6 am and got into a room by about 6:30ish. The baby's heart rate was pretty high (200's) so they had to wait to start the petocine until it calmed down. I told them I drank a big glass of OJ just an hour before and this usually got the baby moving, but they still wanted to monitor or shall I say the resident want to monitor. My doc said to just pump me with fluids and things should settle down and they did! We started the petocine around 8:00ish and things moved slowly for a while! I was impressed with how "painless" it was at the time and thought it was going to be a breeze! I got an epidural (yes I am a weenie) around 4 cm and that was the most painful part up until that point. For some reason IT REALLY HURT this time! I actually felt it down my leg...ya...not so fun! But it worked for the time begin. Then I remembered why I didn't want to be induced..IT IS INTENSE! Starting around 7 cm I totally felt the contractions (or my body splitting in two) and that lasted until the end! Now don't get me wrong, the epidural helped a lot, but man if you are going to get one, you would expect it to help more than that. I can say from past experience that I think the epidural took about 40% of the pain away this time, but nothing more. Cannot imagine what it would have been like without it and the Petocine???

Okay...so every time the doc checked me I felt like I was letting him down. Things were moving slowly (for me) and they decided that the baby was sunny side up instead of face down so they had me roll from side to side to get her to move. At last this worked and I was a ready!! They told me when I felt like I had to push to push (I still don't get that...after three deliveries I have NEVER felt like I had to push....NEVER). I pushed for a grand total of 4 minutes...yes 4 minutes!!!! And out she came...full head of hair and all! I will say this was the easiest thus far but I will not be doing it again! Three is the number for us!

She was BIG...and not a boy! I was totally thinking I was having a boy and even started talking to the doc about circumcision...hahaha. He looked at me and said, "um, Kara, you had a girl!" Guess I was a little loopy!

She nursed almost immediately and my dad was able to come in right away (he was in Syracuse for a meeting go figure)!

So there it is girls...the finale in labor and delivery from this mama!!

Here she is as they plopped her on my belly!! The nurse is just getting the goobers out of her hair!

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