Monday, June 8, 2009

ummmm not what I was I planning

I was going to write about the "birth story" here on my lovely blog but decided to skip that and save all of those who have weak stomachs from loosing their lunch on the computer screen!

SO...I will update you all on the life of Kara Riedl, AKA, mom of three! THREE! 3!

On second thought, I have to go feed the baby....this story will be continued, but I will leave you all with a few nice pictures!!

Addy's first time to church

Proud big sissy

Kylie's "Art" show
And Cooper is just not into getting his picture taken right now...


Pamela said...

Oh come on. We all loves us a good birth story. Let's hear it!

And in other news, I'm seriously considering an Upstate NY Blogger party on the last weekend in July. Are you in?

Nicole said...

Just do it. After my horror of a labor I think I can handle anything!

What a cutie that Addy is!