Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving in the South

We are back from our journey to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. We had a GREAT time, although I would not recommend traveling 13 hours with 2 young children. Really, they did fine, but I would be a bit antsy too if I were strapped securely to a seat for that long! Here are some pics from the adventure...

Candice took us to a great park in the city. It was beautiful there and the kiddos had a great time on the playground.

We went to visit Santa....

Apparently Santa's in the South are a bit odd. This Santa was definitly on a work release from the local prison for some sort of sexual offense. I don't think anyone took their eye's off of him while Kylie was near. Anyways..she loved it.

The whole fam-damn-ly!

The Thanksgiving table...

Anyways...loved the trip...loved the people...cannot wait until our next trip (by airplane that is)!

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