Thursday, December 18, 2008

nutin better to do...

I have been a bit lazy this evening and whilst checking in on (or stalking) my BFF's blog I found she had been memed. I too decided to participate in this experience.

So here it goes...go to your picture folder, open your sixth folder, and post the sixth photo. Then tell the story behind the photo. Here she be...
So it's not the most creative picture in the album. It's a picture of my BFF from high school's wedding we attended this past summer. It was held outside (great day) in a BEAUTIFUL historical park. She smiled ear to ear the ENTIRE time and was truly a beautiful bride. The wedding and reception were great, not to mention a night away from the kiddos!

I you yourself would like to be memed then feel free to participate. Just make sure you link me in your bloggidy blog.

Happy memeing!

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