Thursday, December 4, 2008

My dear friend Jocelyn has mem'ed me! I am to list 10 things in my life that start with the letter, "L"....lets see how this works!

1.LOVE...there is lots of love in this house...between hugs and kisses sometimes I feel a bit overloved.

2. LIPS...this goes a lot with love because I tend to get LOTS and LOTS of kisses throughout the day.

3. LOLLIPOPS...I am daily asked for this delicious treat

4. LIGHTS...there are a plethora of Christmas lights in and out of my house right now.

5. LICKS...Cooper is in a licking stage. Unfortunately Kylie thinks it is pretty funny to copy him.

6. LAUNDRY...yes a load is pretty much done everyday...right now I have to get the diapers in.

7. LAYERS...if you come to my house, you will need layers of clothing as we keep our heat pretty low.

8. LAUGHTER...Just today Kylie said, "Mom, next year you won't have to drive me to preschool." I said.."Oh ya, why is that?". She replied, "Because I can drive myself...don't worry, I will do a good job." I then explained how you have to be 16 and she laughed and said, "oh thats silly".

9. LAZY TIMES...although I wouldn't really say I have any lazy times, my hubby calls my "nap time" lazy. It is much needed for the prego I have to say more.

10. LOAF...a loaf of bread is most likely in the oven on any given day...come and join me for a slice with some home made butter!

OKAY. I know some of that was a stretch, but I did it. Now it's you turn. Loren, Amy, Andrea, Sophie, and Nikki. Comment me for you letter and rules.... Happy mem'ing!


andreac said...

I'll take Z! Just kidding. I am willing to participate but you know it will end with me since my list of bloggers is small!

Amy said...

ok Kara, what's my letter?? : )

Loren said...

I thought I was missing something when I saw your comment on Andrea's blog...I would love a letter!

Loren's sister said...

Kara....seriously...i am not trying to hone in on my sister's friends, but a loaf of bread and homemade butter! What? You are my hero!