Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas gifts from the heart

I received this Devotion today from Christian Women Today and thought it was very inspiring. I have been a bit of a grouch lately due to being pregnant and thought this was something to implement in my own life. Watch for signs of it;o)

It was my daughter's idea. She told me she had been thinking about the Advent devotions and how to prepare her heart, not just her home, for Christmas. And she had a great idea!

Jen decided to give fruit away. Oh, not the apples and Christmas oranges that you see in the store. No, she told me she was asking God for opportunities to give away the "fruit of the Spirit."

The "fruit of the Spirit" is comprised of nine qualities that the Bible says will show up in our lives as we daily ask the Holy Spirit to fill us. This fruit shows a watching world we are different because we follow Jesus.

Here is the list of fruit of the Spirit: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self control, gentleness, goodness and faith" (Galatians 5:22).

Each day, until Christmas, choose one fruit off the list and ask God to deposit this gift in your heart in extra measure. Then ask Him to provide an opportunity to give that fruit away in a specific act that day. It is both a rewarding and a challenging experience.

When we focus on allowing the Holy Spirit to overflow in our lives He may use the opportunity to highlight how very much we need Him. This fruit cannot be mustered up in our own strength with enough to give away. No, it is His work in our lives.

I'm taking Jen's idea and asking the Holy Spirit to prepare my heart in a deeper way this Christmas. As a Jesus follower I want His fruit to be in abundance in my life. I want those around me to see the difference He makes as I choose to ask Him to fill me up every day. Why don't you join me? Let's ask Him to fill us afresh today. Then watch for opportunities to give it away. Together we'll prepare our hearts for Christmas.

Today I choose Love! I will love my husband and children UNCONDITIONALLY. I will make it known through lots of hugs and kiss and a positive attitude! What do you choose???


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Loren said...

self control...i think the economy will do just fine without me buying 1 more gift!

Amy said...

I'm working on joy today... : ) I thought this devo was great too! I printed it off (I read better OFF the computer) and intend to share it with the Housewives as well.

Loren's sister said...

I didn't know you were pregnant. Loren is slacking.
i will work on the fruit. Love the idea!!