Monday, August 18, 2008

My puter is broke :o(

Our computer has been acting up lately and not turning on properly and yesterday it decided to just not turn on. This being said, I am confined to the laptop and not able to download any sorry.

I just want you all to check out this AWESOME blog . I am addicted to it and have learned SOOOO much from this crafty lady. I do need to give credit where credit is do and thank my dear friend Andrea for this addiction. She was the one who found this blog and stalks it herself. Anyways, this girl is amazing. She has two small children and manages to blog step by step directions on how to do her crafts. My new favorite is her recipe for a pistachio torte I will check it out and let you know what I think.

On another note, I have decided I would really LOVE a single cup coffee know, the ones you just put a pod in and hit, brew cup. No yucky grounds in your cup and no worries about measuring! My in-laws have one and have been gracious enough to let me make a few cups. I felt like I was at Starbucks drinking a delicious cup of strong coffee.


Heckman Family said...

Kara, I have one of those coffee makers, they are awesome! I absolutely love it. Shane's parents got it for us for Christmas two years ago, it was a great gift and definately worth the money:)

Rebz said...

Hey Kara,
Pamela has one of these, and she says it makes the best cup of coffee in the world.
Oky doky

andreac said...

Love the music on your blog!!! Did my crafty lady inspire this addition?

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

I have stalkers?.....That's AWESOME!!!!

You totally have to try the pistchio torte. Seriously, bring it to your next potluck at church & get ready to sign autographs.

Sophia said...

nice coffee maker!
We use one of these in our store to sell coffee and it is good. it is a good strong cup and.... pop one in and you've got it in a jif.

what's with us? you coffee maker, me sewing machine for bday gifts?? what ever happened to clothes and toys and stuff?? haha
oh I guess we ar getting old.