Friday, October 24, 2008

Lazy Friday

I had no plans for today..which is a good we did what came natural...PLAYED.

We went to a friends this morning and played until lunch, napped, and then made some very yummy english muffin bread. I am not posting the recipe, as I got it from a friend who has not released the rights to it yet! But I will show you how yummy it is...

And this is what the kids did while their mother cooked..
Not really, but they looked peaceful at that moment, so I took a picture.

Kylie is a photographer in training and wanted to take a picture of mommy...she even made me pose!!
Okay that is it for now...lets pray the weekend goes as smoothly as this afternoon. Wish us luck as we will be cleanning up our "upstairs" room to get it ready for the baby! Yes I know the baby won't be here for a while, but it really needs some a window, electricity, and heat. More on that to come on Monday!

1 comment:

Rebz said...

LOL! Nice looking loaves, baby.
Cute kiddos too.