Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tribute to Gammpie

Today we attended the memorial service of Gammpie AKA Grandpa Lew. Gammpie died on Monday night in his sleep and today we celebrated his life. This has been a learning experience for our family. Kylie is learning the finality of death and is amazingly handling it well. Both Cooper and Kylie attended the service today in which Kylie called, "Gammpie's celebration". I got to thinking about it and it really is Gammpie's celebration.

Let me back up a bit...Gammpie is married to Gammie AKA Grandma Joyce who goes WAY back with this mama. She has been my dad's secretary for as long as I can remember and watched Kylie for the first 15 months of her life while I worked. Kylie LOVES her Gammie and Gammpie and always asks to talk with them. They have been faithful attenders at ALL family events and treat Kylie and Cooper like their own grandchildren.

Okay, back to Gammpie's celebration. Gammpie is a very simple man! He wasn't a talker and definitely wasn't the one to start a conversation. But Gammpie loved kiddos. I am telling you, when no one was looking, he was always the one playing with them. He loved church (enough to clean it once a week) and was always volunteering to help others out. Gammpie also loved Jesus and this was made apparent over the past few years to me. As I said before, he wasn't outspoken about his faith, but if you talked with him about it, you would know where he stood. That being said, today was a celebration for Gammpie. Gammpie is with Jesus now!! How awesome is that! No more vacuuming up glitter (ask and I will tell), sickness, or pain!

So Kylie definitely knew what she was talking about when she said we were going to a celebration today.

I will end with a quote I found from an unknown author, "Children sometimes speak, in their simplicity, more wisely than their elders". How true is this....

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Rebz said...

Thanks for this post Kara- very tenderly and thoughtfuly written. Kylie is quite the philosopher.