Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Marshmallow anyone?

I guess this would be considered Part II of my awesomelywonderful birthday. Here are some pictures of my new fire pit at work. We toasted some delicious marshmallows (Cooper just ate them plain) and sat around and talked until the fire went out! HOW AWESOME!


Rebz said...

Brilyn would love that! Then she wouldn't have to hide under our dining room table with the bag of "mushrummels" anymore. LOL!

Pamela said...

Every year my daughter throws me a surprise bonfire perfect for roasting marshmallows for my birthday. It's super sweet, and I'm always SO SURPRISED!

I am also supposed to educate you about the Way To Bliss And Never Ending Happiness That Is The French Press Coffee Maker.

So here goes: The french press coffee maker is the way to bliss and happiness. No special accoutrement necessary, all you need is hot water, coffee grounds (unused) and a french press. E voila! Le cafe' magnifique! E blah blah blah.*

*translation: They're like $25, and you will not be sorry you have this. Also packs well for travelling, as you will never want to be without it.