Monday, September 1, 2008

whacha think

I found so great fabric on sale at Joann Fabric's and thought it would look great in my office. This is the LAST room in the house without a "theme" or any decor. friend loves brown and blues and has spiked my interest in this color combination. I will be making a futon cover in blue and brown pillows to go on it. So here it is...give me some feedback...

I also made some new curtains for my kitchen window. The previous one was shrunk unexpectedly by a crazy lady who decided the window treatments need to be washed...ya..not sure what I was doing.

Here is my new mantel arrangment...Zach said it looks like i cut down a tree and put it on the mantel..for all of you uneducated people..this is NOT a tree branch but GRAPE VINE. I cut it down myself thank-you-very-much.
And, to TOP things off I received my new MOPS bag this past week! I am soooo excited and it is the perfect size for an intermediate diaper bag.


Amy said...

Love the new curtians...good job!

Also love your new blog design : )

I was debating on the MOPS bag myself but am not a big pink person...

Rebz said...

HEY! I love Kara, for one thing.
Then, also, plus, Joe says he thinks your choice of music (ie. Peanut Butter Jelly Time) "is highly inappropriate. If this is the best we can do in today's society, then our civilization is quickly going downhill."
Also, love the curtains, and, plus, I am Jealous that you got new MOPS bag when I certainly did not.
PS...writing under the influence of Kahlua. (It was free?!? What do you want from me?)
XOXOXO again