Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sibling love

As of late, Cooper has decided to be Kylie's new playmate. He copies her all the time and wants to be involved in EVERYTHING she does. It is way too cute, so here are some pictures that document there sibling love.

Yes even going to the bathroom....

Wish I could have gotten a video of the two of them dancing this morning, but I ran out of battery!

Figured I should document these moments as they do not last long....

ps. Anyone have any info on how to get your 1 year old to stop biting!!!! It's driving me crazy!


andreac said...

Too cute!! The kiddos look so much alike in these pictures.

Pamela said...

One is not too young for time out. Especially if he is old enough to be sitting on the potty. HB and Wee Man both had that problem, and every single time they would bite (or head butt, punch, kick, and now spit...too gross) they would go in the crib. Straight to the crib, no warnings, as biting is a safety issues.

HB is 21 months now, so he's in there for a little more than a minute and a half. He doesn't seem to have any anti-bed issues forming. But it is taking a smaller number of time-outs to end the behavior now than it did four months ago.

That's not me saying it has taken four months to get him to stop the biting. He quit that in about a week.