Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Fun

I have been meaning to blog for a few day's now, but just got around to taking the pictures off of the camera. We have had a lot of fun this fall and figured we would share it with you!

We had a picnic on just the right day. I say this not only because the weather was perfect, but because it has rained every day since...Kylie was so excited and picked out her favorite blankets for the event. Cooper was just a crazy man and wanted to drink everyone's "soda".

After our picnic, we collected some leaves to iron....For all of you who don't remember how to do this, you just put the leaves between two pieces of wax paper, cover with a kitchen towel and iron on medium heat.

This weekend, we had a tea party with our friends Felicity and Elizabeth. We even baked cookies as you can see the remnants on Cooper's face.



Rebz said...

I love the pic of Felicity and Elizabeth. Such good friends!

MOM said...

i want to come next time

gee gee