Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Tuesday Morning

Well I guess it's not morning anymore...but it's pretty close. I really had a great morning this morning. Things seemed to go as planned (although there was a brief episode of biting). The kids ate all their breakfast and put in a movie so mommy could do some devotions. I love doing my devos in the morning, but have found it rather hard to fit it in lately. Anyways, I was able to do a great devotional and even start reading a book. Cooper was entertaining himself for the first time in a while and Kylie was really enjoying sleeping beauty. At just the RIGHT moment, Kylie asked if we could go outside. SOOO..everyone went for a walk. Let me start by saying, I love where we live. The way the sun hits the hills in the morning is a present from God. I was able to think about some prayer requests while I walked and only had to break up one fight and pick up one flying shoe. Lunch went well and the kids went down for a nap and that is where I am now...

I don't want to bore you all with my pleasant morning but I need to remember these times when the kids are (ripping each other's heads off) misbehaving. SOOO along with this, I am making a list of enjoyable mommy moments I have had over the past week:

~Kylie saying during mealtime prayer, "Jesus, be MY faithful friend".

~ Kisses from Cooper...open mouth and all.

~Watching Kylie help Cooper with undoing his seatbelt and telling him, "Love you buddy boy"
~Picking "flowers" with Kylie at the park and bringing them home for a great bouquet

~The kids wanting to take a bath in the sink together

~Waking up to Cooper saying, "Too Too...Too Too" as his drove his hand along the top of the bed (translation, choo choo)...note: he was sitting on my head at the time.

I will try to add to this as I go this week...especially during those times when I feel like going to time out myself.

On another note...I FINALLY completed the curtains for the office...I will post pics soon.

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Sophia said...

wow Kara what a great day!
it is definately a good thing that you documented it :)