Sunday, November 1, 2009

a twisted fairytale about a princess, a dog, and a mermaid

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in the land of Caz. Her name was Jasmine and she loved to dance around her castle to songs by Bon Jovi.

Jasmine had a beloved dog named Coop Dog. Coop Dog was a crazy dog who liked to eat cheese, peanuts, and anything that didn't contain gluten. He was in the process of house training and had recently learned how to lick people.

Jasmine had another friend she met while stranded on the beach one day. She was a mermaid who longed to have feet so she could walk. Jasmine took the "little mermaid" under her wing and introduced her to her Coop dog.

The three little people decided they should probably love each other because they were family now. They enjoyed playing and playing and playing (and not fighting).

As they were playing and playing and (not fighting), Coop Dog decided to explore a little further than usual. He ran into a big man he later named, "daddy". Daddy and Coop Dog loved to wrestle and play rough. Coop Dog found him a life long daddy friend.
Coop Dog introduced his daddy friend to the other little people. They instantly fell in love with the daddy friend. The daddy friend even taught them about trick or treating (an event where people are given candy for free!). Jasmine and Coop dog were taken "out on the town" while a sleepy little mermaid stayed with grandma one evening. They met up with some other little people who all search the town for this free candy. They came home with lots and lots and lots of candy!!

and decided to never sleep again....

The end....


deborahsmith92 said...

Love the story, but I love the characters in the story even more!

Heckman Family said...

You are too creative..wish I had that creative mind. Love you, hope all is well!

Candice said...

VERY CUTE! Love the little story! Those three are adorable!

Pamela said...

here's my halloween story.

once upon a time there was a slacker mama who completely forgot there was a halloween. and at 2 pm on halloween, she went to the fabric store with her four babies and her mother and bought some super classy zebra fabric and some udderlicious cow fabric. they went home, and the slacker mama sewed her two sons pillowcase dresses so they could be a cow and a zebra for halloween. the oldest kid figured it out for herself, and the baby pooped his pants.

they went out into the streets and met other children who had parents who actually care about halloween, and when they got home, slacker mama ate all the candy.

the end.

Nicole said...

What a bunch of Halloween cuties! Love the costumes.