Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Randomness around turkey day

I love turkey!

I mean I REALLY love turkey! The skin is a delicacy in my family and you will usually see most of us fighting to get a big hunk of fattening flesh!

That being said, I am hosting turkey day here tomorrow. I really haven't gone overboard at all with the house cleaning madness. How can I? I have three kids who follow me around and deliberately throw everything I have just cleaned up. I also have great family members who are bring most of the food. My only responsibilities for the day are to make sure the turkey gets put in at 10:00, make a few mashed potatoes for the hubby, open a few cans of cranberry sauce, and set the table. I think I can do it!

On another note...JOCELYN IS HAVING HER BABY TODAY! And if you know Jocelyn, you know she is very overdue and very very very ready to have this baby. This baby is being a bit stubborn at the moment and taking his/her sweet time to get here! I will keep you posted on the outcomes...

hmmmmm what else. Well I took my kids to Target today or "the popcorn store" as they like to call it. BIG mistake. It was getting close to nap and lunch time but I couldn't justify making another trip out later today when I was just around the corner from my favorite store. I really needed a few items and MISTAKENLY walked near the toys. Kylie was a good big girl and just pointed at everything and said, "I'll let Santa know I want that...and that...and that". While Cooper just screamed. He wanted "handy manny" and everything else that looked boyish. You know it's really bad when most people stop you and say, "you really have your hands full". WELL YES I DO. REALLY I DO. I am carrying not one but two children and pushing a cart which holds another child who is jumping up and down. Now not only do I literally have my hands full, I deserve an award for the best cart driver in the world. Hello people...really!

Another random comment! I made some really good gluten free apple cookies today. They really are pretty good. I got the recipe online and made some revisions. I will post it later when I find it on the extremely messy neatly organized counter top.

Lesson of the day: Don't ever ever try and take turkey skin from me and never ever ever tell me I have my hands full! Really.

Happy Turkey Day!


Kara said...

No one stole the skin until it hit the table! Candice your fingers would have been cut off.

Kara said...

that was zach by the way...