Sunday, November 29, 2009

Half a year???

Can you believe my little princess is 6 months old? I cannot. She is growing too fast and I am trying to take in every bit of her baby-ness while it lasts.

No stats yet...I will get those to you in a few weeks when she goes for her check up.

Oh and she has a new love of sticking her tongue out


Nicole said...

She's a doll. Happy 1/2 birthday Addy!

Sophia said...

so cute :)
enjoy every second-especially the last bit of her being immobile!!! hahahaa

Julie said...

Adorable picture!!

Amy said...

very cute! Love it :) Enjoy that babyness while you can...can't believe my baby is turning THREE next week :(

Rebz said...

Wow, she has changed into a big-girl cutie. I agree with Sophie- every time she tries to stand up, push her down. LOL.