Sunday, August 16, 2009

vacation part I

We had a fabulous time at the cottage this past week. The weather was perfect...the kids were..ummm..good...and we got some much needed adult time! Kylie and Cooper pretty much lived in the water while Addy just tagged along with whomever was in the shade at the moment. Zach even got in the water for a was HOT!

Playing on the "beach"

Driving the boat with Poppy
Kayaking with mommy

My three beautiful babies!
swimming, swimming, and more swimming
the cottage "bath"

More to come later....


Nicole said...

I love that picture of the 3 of them. What cuties!

Nicole said...

Oh, and I am coming to ROC this week...and staying for 4 months while kevin is deployed. This time we better see eachother!

Kara said...

YEAH!!! I am only two hours from Roc so come down for a day trip sometime! Where is Kevin deployed to? That so sucks!