Friday, August 28, 2009

A fashion statement...babywearing

Babywearing is something we do in the Riedl household. We have for over 4 years how and will continue to do so until we can no longer physically hold them in a sling! That being said, I wanted to tell you all why we like to do this.

I am not one to tell someone they are "doing it the wrong way", but if you don't wear your ARE doing it the wrong way!

There I said it...

I did some research on the topic looonnnggg looongggg ago and thought I would share it with you all or y'all as my friend Andrea would said...hi Andrea!

  • Did you know that when you wear your baby your body actually releases hormones which help mommy and baby bond?
  • Did you know babies that are carried or worn are less fussy?
  • Did you know it helps with breastfeeding?
  • Did you know the mothers heartbeat and movements help babies be more organized and soothed?
  • Did you know it helps babies learn social cues by watching their caregivers facial expressions?
  • Did you know it helps your baby not have "flat head syndrom"?
Other reasons to wear your baby...
  • two hands free to do as you wish
  • better on your back than carrying around that infant car seat
  • you are creating a fashion statment ...just thought I would add that because slings are too darn cute!!
There are many different ways to wear your baby. You can use a Wrap which is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around you and the baby. The baby can be held in many different positions. There are also slings which you can also wear you baby in many different positions. There are baby bjorns/ergos which let you wear the baby facing out and/or facing in and some on the back. I am sure there are lots more out there, but these are what we use right now!

If you are looking for a sling for your baby/toddler/child there are many places to find them. I bought my sling a looonnnggg time ago from here. I now make my own but I have a blogger friend who also makes them...check them out here!