Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby butt: a gDiaper review

We recently started using gDiapers with Addy. At first I wasn't sure how these worked? How could they be both a disposable and a cloth diaper? Why not make them just cloth diapers?

Well...they did! They can be used as cloth diapers now! And let me tell you...they are EFFICIENT!

You know how in most CD's the baby poop just leaks out the sides (sometimes). It is absolutely impossible with gDiapers. It holds everything in the little liner. Oh and speaking of the insides, the inserts they sell are super absorbent. can use them as disposables if you choose without worrying about the damage you are doing to the environment. They just break down in the potty or compost bin.

The only thing I am not thrilled with is the Velcro tabs seem to curl up and catch on things. I have line dried them, pulling the tabs straight with clothes pins and this seems to help some.

Anyways, if you are new to CDing, these are the totally the diaper to start with. You will love CDing after trying these out!

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Sophia said...

I am so glad you like them :)

what do you use for cloth inserts? I use a bunch of things I bought off etsy. My fav's are cotton/hemp/combo...very absorbant and then I use a fleece (stay-dry) on top for overnight...

also, did you buy MEdiums? they will last forever! I am still using them on Magdalaina!