Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the pressure is on

I am totally nesting. Not sure if it is because I am worried this baby will not be prepared for or if I am just a nut! Right now the baby doesn't have a room...well it has a room...but with no windows or electricity! The window SHOULD go in soon and then we can get working, but until then, I am stuck with this NEED to prepare for the little ham! To make myself feel better, today I pulled out the changing table and necessities the baby will need if he/she comes early. The bassinet is now free of clutter and baby clothes and cloth diapers are all washed and ready for wear! While doing this, the kids thought it would be fun to "take a ride" in the baby car seat! I am impressed with how well this has held up over the years. It still looks brand new. Now...Kylie was only in it for four months, but Cooper was in there pretty much the whole first year. No stains, scratches, and no broken pieces! I am recommending this baby to all new mom's!! Here are some pics of the "big babies" acting like little ones!

No, Cooper is not sneezing...this is his new "cheese face".

*In case you were wondering...it is a Graco snugride car seat and NO I am not getting paid to write about this!

On another completely unrelated note: MY COFFEE MAKER BROKE. You know...this one! The one which has provided me endless cups of delicious coffee! For some reason it decided that it no longer wants to push the coffee through the little K-Cup but instead back up! Water will run fine through it, but no coffee! I have no regular coffee so I had to drink my fair share of Coke today instead...it just doesn't compare! I called Keurig to see what they could do for me and they transferred me to the "technical department" for further "evaluation". I kindly explained that I have two absolutely crazy children running around and there was no way I was going to be able to take the thing apart on the phone without 100,000 interruptions! I will add that the lady on the phone was almost impossible to understand and not because she was foreign. A basic proper English class would be a great thing for her...but I digress. Now I sit here...completely insane with nesting, sleepless nights, and cranky children with NO COFFEE! Pray for me friends..pray!

It's fixed! YEAH YEAH YEAH! It was a clogged nettle in case you were wondering! They EMAILED me back this afternoon after playing phone tag with them for a while! COFFEE FOR ME!

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Sophia said...

glad you aren't 'coffeeless' :)
And I also had the same carseat for the boys- then it got moldy in the basement, so I had to buy a new one for Alaina.
I bought it on craigslist for $15- another graco snugride but a red/black pattern. love!