Monday, April 13, 2009

just a few Easter pics...

This year we spent Easter AT HOME! My mom came to visit and Zach's parents came for dinner! The kids had a great time (eating candy) visiting with family and the day ended with a MUCH needed early bed for everyone!

Counting up her cash...

Cooper checking out the goods.
Looking for Easter Eggs

Kylie in her dress made by her Grandma (Gee-Gee)

The best one I could get of the little wiggle worm
So...the kids look great, but Zach and I look like we had a few too many before this pic
Look what Zach taught Cooper to cute!


Anonymous said...

The kids look so cute and you and Zach do as well!
Loved the pics of your new play set, yes that will make your summer wonderful. Praying for you as you get closer to meeting your little one! Hugs, Deb

Nicole said...

Glad you had a nice Easter! The kids look so adorable! You look great too.
In response to the blog comment that you left...believe it or not, I haven't taken one pregnancy pic. I know, I'm bad! Maybe soon I will take one and post it just for you! I guess I should since there is not much time left!
And, you can take that flower pic if you want!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

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