Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You want me to do what??!!??

As I have said before, I am currently taking a class by Beth Moore on Esther. Today, the lesson spoke DIRECTLY to me. Have you ever had that happen? It's like the speaker is having a one on one conversation with you. I seriously cannot recall a point in her message that DIDN'T apply to me.

The title of today's lesson was called "The Human Dilemma of Destiny". Who here hasn't had a dilemma with direction at some point? Let me see your blogging hands?? As you will read later, I too was recently having a dilemma with direction! She made 4 points as to why we as humans tend to reject the direction God is trying to pull us in....
  1. It always seems like the WORSE possible time. Isn't that true! We always have way to much on our plate to take one more thing on!! But she did add the following quote, " It may seem like the worse time, but it is God's perfect timing!".
  2. The unreasonable expectation. Don't you feel like everyone is saying only YOU are the person who could possibly take on such a responsibility!
  3. The risky identification. She added, "Remeber, destiny appoints one but affects many."
  4. The unanswered questions. Ummm why now, why do we really have to accomplish this right now? Don't you know I have things to do!!
This is all based on Esther 4: 1-14. Read up on it for a GREAT example of how God can come in when we think it is the worse possible time!

Now for the application in my own life:

Some of you know that I am involved with MOPS. I LOVE MOPS! It is such a great outreach ministry to mothers of preschoolers. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to start a new MOPS at my church*. The idea of this scared me at first and although I pursued it, I quickly backed out when things didn't look so bright. Even so, God was insistent that I start this. After my initial decision to NOT start it this year, I just didn't feel right. I knew God was calling me, but was under the impression he just wanted me to wait some time. A few short weeks after my decision another member of the church leadership team approached me about starting it again. Although I was completely ready to turn this opportunity down (at least for this fall), she (and GOD) made things possible for it to start this fall!! WOW.

I had every excuse in the book to NOT start hello, I am having a baby this summer and why would I want to leave the existing MOPS I am involved you know how much work goes into planning this??!! There was also the feeling of disappointing my present MOPS team! But let me just say, that God is good! It looks as though the MOPS I am presently at will have a new coordinator next year, I already have a steering team of 6 for the new MOPS, and the details just keep working themselves out!

There are so many other times in my life where I have questioned God's plans. What was I thinking? Now that I look back at situations, I can see how God worked through me to reach another. Isn't that why we are here?

*Presently I am coordinating a MOPS at a sister church.

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Rebz said...

God is good (all the time). All the time (God is good).
LOL. Even when He leads you to start a new MOPS and even when He leads me to try my hand at choir directing. Luckily, He makes it NICE AND CLEAR that we supposed to take the leap.