Thursday, March 19, 2009

My very own product review

I just want to talk about this thing called the "Prenatal cradle".

Let me back up a minute. Baby #3 does not fit as comfortably as the previous two babies and is causing his/her mommy to whine and complain like a 4 year old. Honestly I cannot think of one area on my body that DOESN'T hurt or feel as though someone is twisting it into small knots. Wait...I take that back...right now my left big toe doesn't hurt. Does that count?

After describing these really pleasant pains to my doctors, she informed me that there is a reason for all my pain. It is called having 3 babies in 4 years! That can do some damage to your body and pretty much your uterus is held up by skin and skin alone! The doctor told me that there is a "fix" for this problem called the Prenatal Cradle!

Soooooo....Miss Kara drove herself downtown to pick up this very expensive "harness" (which insurance covered only 50% of). The line was about 30 minutes long and then I waited and waited and waited for them to contact my insurance company. The kiddos had ants in their pants while the woman at the counter asked me if I wanted to waddle my little self and the stroller and the whiny 4 year old into a small bathroom to undress and try on this "harness". I opted out of the situation and said I would just take this lovely apparatus home and try it on! While guess what!!! IT DOESN'T fit! Even if it did fit, it would do nothing! For the $40 out of pocket expense, I would assume it would at least stay on the bottom of the belly and "lift", but it pretty much slips up to my neck without warning!

So...I believe doctors prescribe this contraption for the sole purpose of getting mom's like me to SHUT UP! Don't be fooled pregnant mamas!

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