Sunday, March 22, 2009

are you kidding me???

The sniffles again! YES...again! I used to pride myself on my ability to ward of illnesses, but the year 2009 has brought about way to many germs. The kids were both sick for most of January and February with Zach and I sick on opposite weeks. We have had a total of MAYBE a week (not all at once) with no one being ill. That being said, I sit here with a hot cup of tea and tissues at 7:00 am because my little boy was up being nebulized 2 times last night and this mama has just given up on the whole sleep thing. Sleep is TOTALLY overrated!

On the topic of sleep, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to get right back to sleep these days. Of course, I am not referring to having a cold, but to the growing smooshy faced little bean growing inside of me. I know you are probably all sick of hearing of my pregnancy growns, but TOO BAD. This is how it is people . It consumes me;o) Right now, pillows are my friend. Due to "hip separation" I cannot possibly lay flat so my daughters fun little princess beany pillow has served as a leg lift. On top of that to actually move, I have to rearrange the "leg lifter" and count to 10 so that the pain will go away! Okay...that being said, I CANNOT SLEEP! So when my sleep is interrupted, I am not a happy camper. Hence the tone of this blog this early morning!

Okay mommy's...what is a mom to do when illnesses raid her house like a bunch of fire ants? It's not like my kids are in school and I promise I don't let them lick shopping carts. We also carry a BIG bottle of hand sanitizer with us when trips are absolutely necessary! Of course, my children are only 2 and 4 so germs do make their ways into their little bodies through thumb sucking and licking (I am referring to my son who thinks he is a dog). I WILL and DO fight the whole battle of washing your hands after using the potty with my 4 year old. She SWEARS no germ what so ever was touched, but this mama cannot be fooled by those pesty little objects. I am thinking about doing the whole Sid the Science Kid episode where they "explore" germs and how they spread. The problem would be getting that much dirt in my house while the ground is still frozen. HUMMMMMM creative thinking here.

I know this blog is turning out to be rather random. Know that I have been interrupted at least 7 times since...oh comes 8 (Cooper just said, "mama...broke)! Don't worry nothing was actually broken, just a minor spill of raisin bran! Therefore, my brain has been reset 8 times and I don't have the energy to try and think back to were I was in writing.

lalalala...Oh I almost forgot to share with you all the new addition to the Riedl household. No, the baby is not here yet...we have 2 more months, but we did acquire an Apple Mini! This this is amazing. Seriously it is about 2 inches tall and 5 inches wide. It sits comfortably on our desktop and now I don't have to fight with the best that used to lay at my feet ( I am referring the the beast of a dell computer that used to sit under the desk leaving about 10 inches of leg room). It is super fast and the keyboard is actually quiet! Now when I am multitasking while talking on the phone and writing emails, no one will no. No clinkity clink of the keyboard... here is pic to show you how small it is:
On top of you know it took me literally 5 seconds to download that...jealous yet?? Sorry...this thing is just amazing!

Alas, it is time for me to feed the children something other than dried cereal and extremely watered down juicy juice! Hopefully the colds will pass and the snow will melt (yes I said snow, only about a trace last night, but man is it depressing). Not sure I will be "exposing" the kids to multiple germs in the church nursery this morning so I am off to plan the day!


Pamela said...

Are you taking calcium to help you sleep? It's super handy, and works well for me.

And germs? Well, whatever. Sometimes you're just going to get sick. But that's how you build up immunity. For colds, I take an herb called Pau d'arco, and it's lovely. It dries up your sinuses, and is antibacterial and antiviral without any yucky side effects. And it's cheap. (See, there's an upside!)

Hang in there.

Courtney said...

Oh Kara! I feel for you. We have had the worst sickness in this house since Dec. 5th. Yes I know the date because I coughed and blew my nose all through Karl's Christmas party. Really great seeing that we never get a night out and that seriously was the last time that happened. How sad!
The kids have all passed around the coughing, runny nose, ear ifections caused from the other symptoms and then the stomach bugs. I wish it could just hit all at once instead of one child a week!
Anyway as for the prego pain I suffered horribly with that with Evan. He sat so low early on and the pain of just trying to raise my leg or move in bed was awful. You are doing the right thing with the pillows and hopefully once the germs vacate you might be able to get more than just a few hours of sleep! I couldn't get that belt contraption thing to work either. Hang in there! Brighter and warmer days are coming. They better be at least or I will go nuts!!!

MaggieBrown said...

Been there, done that, which is why I had to comment. There is a way to contain your kids' germs and keep them at bay! Check out Germy Wormy Germ Awareness for Germ Transportation Vehicles ages 2 -7. Since we began it, my family no longer plays the "pass the germs" game! It teaches kids in a mom-invented, fun and drug-free way how to both avoid AND keep from spreading germs.

Give kids a PLACE to give their germs to, instead of YOU!

Anonymous said...


I am Claras friend who is Joce friend, who is your friend. LOL.
Been so very busy so have not been on. But just came to vivist your site. I must say I love your writtings.... I love you baby bump.. or Mountain as it looks. With so much sickness around us My girls were only sick once and shhh, knock on wood not at all. My three defences are baby wips while on the move. I feel those germ killers kill all the good germs. Crazy I know but I beleive this.. I personally take VG-C a amune booster, if interested I can get you the exact name and where to get it. If need I take Oregon grape. Not sure if those will help but thought I would share. I am so looking forward to seeing pics of the new bundle.. Good luck and God Bless... teacupliz