Thursday, February 19, 2009

Perfect peace!

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because
he trusts

in you" (Isaiah 26:3 & 4).

Today I opened my email devo from Christian Women Today and it fit so
perfectly! Peace is something that can be difficult to find with 2 crazy
kids and aprego mama all living under the same roof. It is something I
strive for daily, but often get discouraged and just plain old give up
after a few hours of chaos. Please read what my devo had to say today.
It is short and powerful!

Heavenly Father,

Thank you that You offer peace to my heart. It is Your gift to me
and I desperately
need it. Life is filled with so many distractions
and disappointments
that often rob me of that peace. Your Word says
that You will keep my heart in peace as I trust
in You for strength
and discernment and wisdom in every area of my life.

Active, conscious trusting keeps my thoughts focused on You. Thank you
that Your
peace will be the result! Father, please help me today to focus
on You in all the
details of my life, inviting You into each circumstance,
conversation and activity.
Grow my trust in You. Keep me today in Your
perfect peace for I have very little of
my own. In You I place my trust
In Jesus Name, amen.

Questions: Are you facing seemingly insurmountable problems that you are
to trust God with? How can God help through this difficult time?
Well i think that says it all! I can do nothing without the strength GIVEN FREELY to me by God. Especially when times are rough and things just don't go as I, Kara, thought they should. Today I really hope and pray you all get a few moments of PERFECT PEACE!


Amy said...

AMEN! I read this today as well, and am struggling with peace! All these kids are driving me CRAZY! Perhaps I need to read it a few more times : )

Amy said...

PS I love the kids new pic @ the top : ) super cute!

Puddle of Grace said...

It is by no accident that you posted this particular passage today and that I got to read it! Thanks... I needed this reminder!

Heckman Family said...

Kara that is great..Always need to be remembered of that. It is our problem if we do not have peace, God gives it. We need to always be looking for it everywhere even in the midst of craziness.