Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My baby girl is 4 today!

Yes, it's true. Kylie Mae turns four at 11:50 this evening. I will not go into the whole actual birthday story because it is VERY LONG! But know she did NOT want to come out. 3 days after the fact, she finally arrived and my life changed forever. Oh and, yes, you can say it, she was the fattest baby ever!!

Today we celebrated her birthday with a birthday breakfast party. Since daddy had an appointment early, he couldnt' stay for the french toast candle ceremony, but was able to see her open the few things we got her.

Here she is opening the gift from Aunt Candice. Kylie did a great job at sharing with her brother and even let him push her new grocery cart around a few times!
Our attempt at a mommy/kiddos pic didn't turn out to well, but thought I would share anyways

After the morning party, we headed off to the zoo. They had TONS of fun and it was great to see some of the animals who are usually hiding in the summer. The kids LOVED the penguins and tigers.

So now here we are, nap time and all, and the kids don't want to sleep. I guess the short cat nap in the car did the job. Happy birthday baby girl!

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aimeewalrath said...

hehe ... Kiley is almost exactly one year older than Kenna... Kennas bday is Feb 16th... her Party was on the 14th... They are 364 days apart... :)...