Monday, May 12, 2008

We have an answer

Most of you know that Cooper has been having some digestive issues. We have attempted taking out milk and switching to soy, but have had no success. They have run some tests and today I feel like I finally have some answers. The doctor didn't find anything and thinks it is a food sensitivity. We have to start from the beginning with food (pureeing it) and see where we go. She also recommended we try goat's milk. There has been talk around the Riedl household of buying a goat at some point (mostly on my part) and this may be the reason why. Anyone know of anyone in the area who has a goat or sells it?? Anyways...praise God that it isn't anything random or seriously harmful!!

On another note, we had a busy weekend here at the Riedl household. We celebrated Zach's 29th birthday on Saturday and Mother's day on Sunday. In between all of our partying, we had time to actually put the garden in!!!! Yes...that's what I said. I finally got Zach out there with a pick axe to help me with the garden. I put some peas and broccoli in the ground and we will see how they flourish. We also put a post in for another clothesline! I cannot tell you how much I love the smell of air dried clothes!!!! I think we are turning into true country folk these days! Thinking about a goat...gardening...air drying our clothes...we will see whats next!

A picture of my lovely peas and broccoli

She wouldn't smile;o(
and a cute pic of the kiddos!!!

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