Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I finally painted something...

I decided that I needed to give my play room some color. White walls and kids DON"T mix very well, so I went with a dark tan color for the bottom half of the wall. Here is my progress so far...

My little helpers (don't worry, it's just water)

The final project:

So there it is...I want to do something on the "picture" wall (I kinda feel like an old lady with all my pictures hung up). Suggestions???

Oh and as you can see we DON"T need any more toys!!!


Rebz said...

you are a nut with how good you are at decorating.
i relly can't help you at all. i think it looks great as it is. maybe you can help me with some decorating sometime though sorry about my bad typing today, ia m too tired to care. hahahah.
Love you

Amy said...

oooh! I love it! : )

I'm currently trying to scrape the old border off so I can repaint my room.

Heckman Family said...

Love the border! It looks so great! I love the country..having the family pictures is a good touch. love you