Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Goat milk anyone?

Thought I would update you all on the goat milk experiment. Cooper started on it on Monday and has done somewhat better over the past few days! I hope it is working!!! It was so neat to find a local goat dairy farmer (thanks Jocelyn) that is kind and generous. Kylie and I watched her milk the goat and put it through a strainer into our container. I was able to feed it to Cooper while it was still warm! AWESOME! far so good...lets see how far we get with Zach about getting our own!

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Pamela said...

Goat milk worked wonders for my middle babe. He had all sorts of digestive issues, and the goat milk was so easy for his body to deal with. We also kept him on a limited diet of acidic foods, which meant most fruits, for a while until his butt cleared up.

But the best news: he grew out of it shortly after he turned two. Thank God!

Thanks for your sweet comment. I don't know how new the pic in your header is, so I may be really late mentioning it, but it's awesome. Nice babies!