Saturday, May 31, 2008

So we had our first "well" experience yesterday!!! We have been having trouble with the water going on and off and thought it was just our water softener, but alas it is not! It turns out that we have a lot of dirt in our water which is clogging the filter so we cannot get water in the house. We had to run a hose out the basement window, attached to a faucet coming from the well to "run the water clear". The well driller said sometimes sediment will get into the water and you have to run it until the is clear. SO...last night it DID clear up for now, but I am still concerned that the problem isn't fixed. THANK the Lord that my in-laws live next door and we can all bathe there. So anyways...just pray that it will all be FIXED!

On another note...I have my garden pretty much planted! We have a furry little friend who has parked himself outside the chicken coop guarding the garden. Any ideas on how to get rid of our groundhog! He is attempting to dig a hole to get in from underneath!!! Crazy animals! BUT...I have peas, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, peepers, onions, and carrots so far. I would like to make it a bit bigger or plant another garden because I have so much more I want to plant. When I get my first veggie I will take a pic for you.

ALSO...we have A LOT of strawberries starting to bud. If any of you want to come an pick some, you are more than welcome. They are wild, so they aren't big, but they are very tasty. My favorite is when the raspberries come up! I love raspberry pie.

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Sophia said...

Kara, that pie looks delicious!! Man I had no idea you were so domestic. The gardens (you are waaay more ambitious than I) and pies!! yum....